Anonymous asked me: Can you please make a tutorial how you make your miley sim? What sliders you use what make up you use what hair you use etc. I know you said that you use a miley from tsr as a base but I want to know what you do to make her more miley. Thanks in advance for answer. Keep up the amazing work what you do. I love you so much that I can't even breath.

Thank you so much for the compliment, I’m so gad you like my work! :D and oh well, >.< I’ll try!

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“Just a little Brussels baby. Whisky Ginger and #CheekToCheek echoing throughout the halls of a candlelit bar. Heaven, I’m in Heaven”, Gaga instagrammed from Belgium last night.

She wore an absolutely exquisite hand-embroidered illusion couture gown from Ezra Spring 2014 "Magical Blue Garden of Jardin Majorelle" collection.

Y/Adult Female - casual & formal

Download here

enjoy and cheers! CHEEK 2 CHEEK: link

So a friend came home.

I’ve not been able to make the Miley poster yet so it may be posted late this night or tomorrow u_u I know I promised but.. don’t kill me pls.

Anonymous asked me: do you have site from another people who made stuff of lady gaga for the sims 4 ?

Nope sorry :/

vittleruniverse replied to your photoset “Jewels is already into the Cheek2Cheek era!”

Perfect, you’re awesome. <33

ctrl-shift-c replied to your photoset “Jewels is already into the Cheek2Cheek era!”

so much fucking slay

thank you so much guys, ily ;-;

Anonymous asked me: pleasse dont give up on cc sim4, you are my only hope to do lady gaga stuff

Aw well I’m sure some other people will make Gaga stuff for Sims4, but i’ll still try, don’t worry =)

Jewels is already into the Cheek2Cheek era!

Anonymous asked me: please do cc for the sims4, lady gaga of course !!!! i love your jobbb :::))))

Thank you so much! and I’m already trying but ugh, I find it really tedious..

Anonymous asked me: could you do a high quality version of gaga's 2014 alexis mabille white gown + cape? i'd really love to use it as a wedding gown for my next legacy wedding. please and thank you. <3

Glad to tell you art-sims made it and will release it this days ^^

Anonymous asked me: Can please do tutorial on how make stuff on sims 4 studio (:

I posted a pic some hours ago of a wip im making and it’s really impossible for me yet.. but the main Sims4Studio page has some: Here

Hope it helps you!

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga I Cheek to Cheek. Available Worldwide September 23rd.


Like many who inspired and came before us, tonight we put ART in the front #ARTPOP” Lady Gaga instagrammed yesterday, showing off her greek goddess inspired look.

She chose to wear Spyridon Tsagarakis beautiful sculptural pleated dress and an exclusive dramatic crown by fan and jewelry designerPericles Kondylatos

The crown is part of the whole outfit!

Adult Female | Casual ++ Formal

D O W N L O A D Here

Is this rl?

I’m done.


Please, Click for a better quality. 

That Sims4 Studio is so amazing but I still can&#8217;t manage to make this to work -.-&#8217; It has the original bump map + green background thing. Anyone knows what the hell is happening here?

That Sims4 Studio is so amazing but I still can’t manage to make this to work -.-’ It has the original bump map + green background thing. Anyone knows what the hell is happening here?

Finally after some months.

Finally after some months.