''Ignore all hatred and criticism. Live for what you create, and die protecting it. ''

18 | Male | Spain

Working atm on

Gaga’s Body Revolution, Agent Provocateur Rizzo Lingerie coming soon.

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Pastel Princess Paintings!

I saw these beautiful pictures and had to make them for the sims.

Mesh by Ritsuka(?). Artwork by Hsiao Ron Cheng.

These pictures are not editied. 

Enjoy~ Both sims3packs and Packages



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My room suddenly got 10 times hotter, daaaaaaamn.

even the trailer qualifies as porn 

But…he’s not cute to me. Looks like it’ll be a great movie though!!


Lily Cole

Desert Fashion

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Clothes- jewelsnsims

Clothes - jewelsnsims

are. you. damn. kidding. me.

Anonymous: "or just more mcqueen in general - ready wear i mean. i love mcqueen structured jackets/tops and tiny waists. your downloads are so well constructed, realistically textured, and beautiful. i have all your work and can't wait for more avant garde"

To this and your previous message, thank you so much for your kind words. I do not take requests atm but as I love McQueen I’ll see what I can do.

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Dollychops Posters!

I learnt how to make my own posters so here are some Dolly Chops pictures for you. 

Mesh by Aikea-Guinea. Artwork by Helen Green.


Sims3pack AND package included in download.


sle a bit. ✿

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*eternal YAS*

First thing I did was make gaga posters


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I didn’t want to post this mess but meh. le outfit coming soon.

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I seriously need to post something cool for download today…

*dies a bit*

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Metal Plugs: DOWNLOAD

Gradient Plugs: DOWNLOAD

Holographic Plugs: DOWNLOAD (striped plugs included)

Every Version contains male & female plugs.

Fully recolorable.

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Lady Gaga wears Hermès "Poste et Cavalies" Shirt, 80s tapered Pants and a Versace silver Necklace

 adult female, casual

  1. Includes custom thumbnail!
  2. Do not re-upload please!!
  3. Versace medusa head mesh by MASims3

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Anonymous: "I was thinking of the black hoodie with the koons ball and the gaga statue and the tshirts which say YASS and SLAY and idk the others as objects I really like the things from the BTWB too, also Idk if you would do anything for children but I would just love my child sims to wear things like tht XD I have something planned for one of my sims :D xx"

1. Hmm I’ll think about it
2. No sorry ;-; never made stuff for children..

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leahlillith: "this pic in Your sidebar tho hahahahahhahahahah, I'm laughing my ass off everytime I see it XD U're to kind for me ok. Your comments are making my evenings :D"

This pic is everything, seriously.
 art-sims can tell u I send it like all day.

and I have to say the same at your stuff and sweet messages, I love you so much <3

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Small Cute Yellow Pointer